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To create your personalized spirit (Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Cherry, Jerez etc) or to age and improve your beer, wine and spirits. (Even vinegar) 4 Pieces sticks.

Oak from Northern Thracian Forests is well known as best for its aromatic value and used by coopers of region for centuries.

Quality of the wood for making barrels is may be even better than French white oak.

Oak wood is from natural forests which are strictly managed under sustainable forestry rules. No any chemicals used during aging, drying, cutting, toasting and charring processes. Air dried.

There are also other woods sticks which are suitable for ageing beverages and experimenting personalized spirits. Here 

Sticks were cut by laser for three purposes:

  • To increase surface area is the most important because it has almost three times more surface area than an ordinary stick. More surface interact with beverage will create the aroma, body and color faster and deeper.
  • For aesthetic value of it. Doing it with fancier and cleaner way is providing something to see and show to others.
  • Sealing the surface with high temperature from laser will keep more aromatic compounds inside the wood to release them to beverage.

Each Oak stick toasted in 410 F – 210 C for 3 Hours to reveal the best harmony of aromas and then charred for increasing and sealing them.

Oak sticks are goes in to air tight containers right after charring process to avoid any contamination or oxidation. If you don’t use them immediately please keep them in air tight environment to sustain these conditions.

It will take few days to start to reveal its color, body and aroma in to your beverage.

If you are using white spirit from your moonshine distiller or commercial sources, I recommend use the stick in 100 to 150 proof or 60% or 75% volume alcohol to get the quicker and intense outcome and dilute it to desired drinking volume after aging process with purest water you can find.

After couple of weeks your own personalized spirit will be ready. But longer processing time provides much satisfying results. You can keep it working for months, even years.  

1 Stick is enough for ¼ to ½ gallon or 1 to 2 liters of High Proof Spirits.

1 Stick is enough for ¾ to 1 gallon or 3 to 4 liters of Wine or Beer.


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