Oxtation Metalpoint Stylus

An “OXTATION STYLI” is a both traditional and modern tool for making a mark on the paper. For a range of duties from daily notes to artistic works.

“OXTATION STYLI” tip alloy is a modern metallurgical approach to silverpoint. It does not blunt easily and its mark is not fade as silverpoints. Erasing its lines isn’t that easy. Its mark becomes permanent in a short time and does not smudge from the second it lined… It works on almost all commercial papers except plastic coated ones.

Here is a video about how it draws an exquisite portrait... 

“OXTATION STYLI” is ready anytime to be used for writing and drawing needs for a lifetime. DOES NOT CONTAIN LEAD (PB). IT IS TESTED AND APPROVED BY INTERNATIONALLY REGISTERED TEST LAB.

Finest woods used for its body and its unique design make “OXTATION STYLI” a piece of art itself. Chosen wood species are not listed in the CITES appendices. 

Each pen crafted by hand including STYLI (except capacitive stylus cap and clip).

An additional capacitive metal mesh stylus pen cab on “Oxtation Styli“ ”Model satisfies another modern need for controlling and drawing on smart phones, tablets and other capacitive screens.

Available in a choice of 7 of finest wood bodies:

Briar burl-Wenge combination



Olive Wood