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These Briar Blocks are cured and cut from high quality burls at early 1990’s.

Extra dry, good grade with very nice bird's eye and flame grains. These Briars from the Anatolian Mediterranean zone are good grade and there won't be any visible crack or deep sandpit on the blocks. Handpicked. Blocks are wetted on the photos to show at least a hint of the grain pattern. (So looks darker than actual color.)

Select any block, exact block in the variant photos will be delivered. Block sizes as mm's described as Width - Height - Length in variant photos. Squares at background of photos are 1/2" by 1/2" . Each additional block will reduce total shipment cost per block. Shipment will be calculated accordingly.

ブライヤーブロック , エボーション 


Бриаровые блоки 

브라 이어 블록 



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